Tips For Keeping Promises

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Keep your guarantees
2. Wear a watch, if you'll afford it
3. Eat breakfast
4. If you eat cereal at any time, select your cereal supported physiological condition not palatableness
5. Do exercise for a minimum of three days per week
6. Walk often
7. Always write with the correct writing system and synchronic linguistics.
8. Never speak worse a couple of people who wrote it their back than you are doing to their face.
9. Don't gossip and do not have a giant mouth.
10. Never choose people harsher than you choose yourself.
11. Make New Year resolutions, however build one each day rather than once a year.
12. Volunteer.
13. Forgive, however always remember.
14. Keep as few secrets as fairly potential
15. Despite the rule before this one, keep your friends' secrets.
16. Politely tell those that you may not betray your friends' trust, after you are asked concerning their secrets and such. Volunteering is a lot of necessary than an option. If you'll do each, good
17. Privately question your own values.
18. Avoid questioning alternative people's values, particularly publicly.
19. Listen quite you speak.

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