Tips For Happy Views

happy views

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Accept what you have got
2. Envision your final life in some different manner
3. Set long-run goals
4. Review goals
5. Plan your huge tasks for week and day
6. Maintain focus in all manners
7. Enjoy the journey to all places
8. Create a morning and evening routine daily
9. Develop intimate relationships
10. Enjoy the easy pleasures and laugh
11. Empty your Inbox and clear your table
12. Build associate emergency fund
13. Keep a journal for life
14. Read, and browse to your children
15. Take time to decompress when stress
16. Be present with life
17. Think globally with new attitudes
18. Spend time with family and idolized ones
19. Pick yourself up once you’re down
20. Focus on edges, not difficulties

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