Tips for getting motivated and inspired

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. When inspiration comes, get motivated
2. When you are inspired to do something, make it a point to push yourself or motivate yourself
3. Let inspiration be a fuel to make a change in you
4. When we are inspired, make a move immediately and use it as a factor to put it into work to achieve your life’s goals
5. Never make it a point to use inspiration as a way of wasting your precious time and money into aims which are not of much importance.
6. Avoid unnecessary inspirations.
7. When you think you are being inspired to do something, check if it is in your priority list. If not, discard it off immediately.
8. Inspire yourself to do better in your life-both in personal life as well as in your official life.
9. Try to motivate yourself when you are inspired for a matter which is worth. That is to try to act on your inspirations, if you feel they are worthwhile.
10. Never waste your time on unwanted things in life.
11. Try to have a capability to make others get inspired
12. Change yourself than changing others around you
13. Push yourself on giving out the best in you
14. Never try to act that you are perfect
15. Strengthen yourself.
16. Fight back in tough situations
17. Be disciplined
18. Chart your progress
19. Conquer your fears
20. Face your problems with confidence
21. Don’t hold back when you fail. Keep moving forward
22. Work in small portions
23. Do not allow any negative commend offend you
24. Clarity of thought is necessary if you need to find the right way
25. Focus on your work
26. In you want things to be done in discipline, then you have to set a time limit for yourself
27. Try to remain cool in irritating situations
28. Control your anger
29. Take a vacation when you feel you are not inspired by anything
30. Love yourself. You will be inspired and motivated

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