Tips for getting emotional freedom

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Never allow yourself to be envious or jealous
2. Never compare yourself with another person
3. Be generous and giving
4. Be good to your friends and loved ones
5. Be calm and talk softly
6. Love your pets
7. Learn to forgive. Revenge is not the answer for any problem
8. Maintain better relationships
9. Build up positive relationships
10. Think well and talk well
11. Try to bring your dreams to reality
12. Dreams provide energy to move on in life…so dream big
13. Avoid being anxious
14. Learn to control your anger
15. Gift yourself and your loved ones with occasional gifts or treats
16. Avoid dictators from your life
17. Cry when you feel like
18. Use your commonsense to cope with difficult situations
19. Improve your communication skills
20. Read a lot

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