Tips For Family Relationships

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Have one place for everything and forever place everything in its place
2. Do a list of your personal or family belongings
3. Post-it notes are your friend
4. Reduce telecommerce calls
5. Take stock of your larder
6. Organizing bed linens
7. Make sure the things keep in your basement isn't on the ground table
8. Practice "Christmas in July"
9. Figure out what colors look sensible on you and keep on with them
10. If you do not prefer to iron, do not buy garments that require to be smooth
11. Hopefully by currently you have cleared your closet of ill-fitting, out-of-style and wacky unprepared purchases
12. Stop carrying additional power cords all over you go
13. Become associate organizing, de-cluttering, time-management junkie
14. Remember birthdays associated send an e-greeting saving each paper and postage
15. Always verify receipts before you throw them away
16. Don’t toss plastic grocery baggage
17. Go through your mail whereas standing ahead of the bin
18. No dry leaves left in your compost bin
19. Must be a mini-philanthropist and gift everything

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