Tips For Enjoying

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Pay time paying attention to a child’s laugh.
2. Resolve what brings you joy. Then do it.
3. Study art and music style.
4. Produce your own health program.
5. Take responsible jobs for your own happiness.
6. Hear your gut. It will not cheat you
7. Keep your surroundings neat and clean.
8. Apply compassion and in loving kindness.
9. Study a distinct culture.
10. Celebrate your strengths and successes.
11. Permit yourself pleasure.
12. Keep a feeling journal.
13. Create the primary move. Do not keep score of WHO did what last.
14. Learn the way to mend things. Over time it'll prevent a fortune.
15. Move into your own genius.
16. Decide worry will not stop you.
17. Learn to alter rejection. Everybody will not provide you with what you would like.
18. Produce a vision for your future.
19. Refuse to participate in uncomfortable things.
20. Produce romance in your relationship.

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