Tips for developing concentration skills

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Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Avoid distractions when you want to concentrate on your work
2. Distractions include attending unnecessary calls or social networking while working
3. Make your working environment neat and tidy
4. Find out the factors which distract you
5. Turn away from these distractions knowingly
6. Clearly understand your goals
7. Focus on your aim or goal
8. Before starting a work, plan your strategy
9. Stop wasting time in thinking
10. Set a time limit for your work
11. Break down stumbling blocks in your way
12. Writing down your plan can help you to be in focus
13. While working, stay off from others.
14. Take care of your body
15. Be healthy
16. Eat greens
17. Have patience. If you are not calm, then you will not be able to concentrate
18. Meditate
19. Sleep well
20. Indulge in brain games

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