Tips for communicating effectively

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Clarity in expressing words
2. Communicate honestly
3. Completeness in communication
4. Communicate with least words as possible
5. Communicate without beating round the bush
6. Be a good listener
7. Avoid interrupting others while they talk
8. Give importance to non-verbal communication like nods and eye contacts
9. Manage your stress
10. Never divert your attention while in stress especially when you are talking to another person
11. Being emotionally aware helps you to control your uncomfortable feelings.
12. Communicate well even if it is in an argument
13. Avoid unnecessary stress while you are arguing on any topic
14. Use the right words and take care not to hurt the other person while in argument
15. Choose the right place for conversation
16. Work on your communication skills
17. If you fail to present your idea, re-communicate
18. While conversing with a person, avoid electronic gadgets like cell phones from interrupting the conversation

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