Tips For Collecting Happiness

Tips To Understand The Source Of Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Find a lot of economical ways that to try to do regular tasks
2. Take advantage of the case
3. Move out of your temperature
4. Have a transparent goal
5. Learn from those before you
6. Know why you are doing one thing
7. Recognize smart concepts after they show up
8. Truly “get” one thing
9. Get Up Early within the morning while not a reason
10. Eat Breakfast in a very good time
11. Smile a lot of of people
12. Don't procrastinate
13. Do one thing kind for somebody else
14. Merge your thoughts with full-fledged peoples
15. Make good and happy friends
16. Always make whoopee thoughts
17. Give happy thoughts to others
18. Make good habits
19. Find a cheerful place for mind refreshment

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