Tips For Better Planning In Life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Make mind happiness a priority.
2. Create plans to be happy.
3. Set happy goals.
4. Do things that cause you to happy.
5. Set yourself tasks from that you’ll gain satisfaction.
6. Play and celebrate.
7. Identify wherever your strengths lie.
8. Utilize your strengths.
9. Be curious.
10. Be happy with pleasure and appreciate what you have got.
11. Learn to love and ideally to like yourself.
12. Invest time and energy in to your key relationships.
13. Socialize and act with others the maximum amount as possible.
14. Weed out unhelpful thoughts.
15. Plant happier, optimistic thoughts.
16. Live a healthy life.
17. One must get adequate sleep and rest.
18. Manage some time and priorities.
19. Control what you'll management.
20. Live in the current moment.
21. Make happiness AN integral a part of your life.

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