Tips For Better Awareness

awareness in life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. True knowledge and insight is often free.
2. Offer your power over to nobody.
3. Going into the unknown is however you expand what's better-known.
4. Get a daily work card.
5. Pay longer around folks that each challenge and respect you.
6. Stay skeptical forever.
7. Fight for what matters.
8. There's a technique that works. Find it.
9. Be part of a movement.
10. Drink your low black.
11. Never let anyone photoshop an image of you. It creates a false sense of certainty.
12. Read more. Particularly stuff you ail.
13. Get accustomed feeling stupid. It’s a symptom of growth.
14. It’s straightforward for folks speak a decent game, thus watch however they behave instead.
15. Learn one thing from everybody.
16. Notice things that inspire you and pursue them, albeit there’s no cash in it.
17. Starve if you've got to, for as long as you would like to.
18. Survive on a little simpler to prove you'll bang.
19. Get one massive success at associate degree early age. It’ll facilitate building your confidence for larger things.
20. Do what you say you’ll do. nobody is reliable any longer.

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