Tips For Better Associations

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Be comfy with abandonment, even of the components of your identity.
2. Learn a replacement language.
3. Eat additional supermolecule.
4. Keep individuals around you that may tell you the reality.
5. Genius gets you obscurity. Execution is everything.
6. If given the selection of equity or money, forever take money.
7. Meet new individuals as typically as potential. Supply to assist them.
8. Don’t discriminate. Connect anyone in your network to anyone else.
9. If you can’t do a pull-up, you have got a retardant.
10. Nobody likes a know-all.
11. Get a passport. Fill it up with stamps nobody has ever seen.
12. Quit your horrifying job.
13. Read biographies. It’s like having access to the simplest mentors in history.
14. Go to bed, and get up, early. Nobody can hassle you, material possession your best work emerge.
15. Scare yourself a little bit on a daily basis. It'll expand your inner map.
16. Learn to climb trees.
17. Don’t purchase plenty of stuff, and solely purchase the things you actually love.
18. Be humble and curious.
19. Twitter followers don’t keep you hear at the hours of darkness.
20. Be as helpful as you'll be able to in as several circumstances as potential.

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