Tips For Becoming Yourself

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Just be yourself
2. Realize that you’re living against a world of your own ideas and views
3. Make sure that there’s harmony between however you pay your day and what matters most to you
4. Know that your happiness is freelance of what proportion stuff you own
5. Change yourself rather than expecting the globe to alter to satisfy your expectations
6. Define happiness as peace, and tranquility, and serenity in your own ideas
7. Remember there’s no such issue because the good life
8. Identify the those who square measure most vital to you and appearance for tactics to pay longer with them
9. Just for these days, fake that you just have cognitive state concerning something that stresses or worries you
10. Have hope
11. Practice radical acceptance
12. Don’t flip tiny issues into huge ones
13. Stop scrutiny yourself to others
14. Keep reminding yourself that nothing must happen outside of yourself for you to be happy
15. Be terribly careful of wherever you select to put your attention
16. Choose a positive angle
17. Initiate a grievance quick
18. Make an inventory of the items you would like so as to be really happy
19. Keep a happiness journal during which you write down solely the items that cause you too happy
20. Engage in humility

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