Tips For Becoming Good One

Personal development plan ideas

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Offer all anonymously.
2. Don’t believe your own thoughts.
3. Drop your story completely.
4. Do all official for joy.
5. Expect the most effective.
6. Finish your relationship before you know somebody else.
7. Learn the way to meditate.
8. Don’t text and drive.
9. Be happy for the success of others.
10. Don’t drink and drive.
11. Don’t drink, text, and drive.
12. Be impressed. Scan and hear great things.
13. Keep in mind this too shall pass, it continuously has and continuously can.
14. Learn the way to precise yourself showing intelligence.
15. Be an aware driver.
16. Convey a coach.
17. Become a mentor to all you know.
18. Appreciate nature.
19. Be the love you would like to search out.

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