Tips for becoming a good listener

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. A good listener listens carefully
2. Never talk unnecessarily while listening to a conversation
3. As a listener, your prime aim is to listen
4. Put off your cell phone and be attentive
5. Choose a place away from distractions
6. Never interfere unnecessarily while the other person is talking
7. Ask appropriate questions regarding the topic
8. Show that you are really interested in listening
9. Never ask unnecessary questions which can hurt the speaker
10. You may sometimes not agree with the ideas the other person is conveying. Be patient and lend your ears with full attention
11. Correct the speaker in a very light manner
12. Body language of the listener counts. Sit in a relaxed position
13. Nod to the conversation
14. The flow of the conversation should not be broken by your irritating mannerisms
15. Be expressive
16. Maintain an eye contact with the speaker
17. Give the speaker the assurance that nothing is impossible and that everything will be alright.
18. The listener can use encouraging words to inspire the speaker

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