Tips for becoming a better person

how to become flexible in life

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

Your attitude towards others
1. Keep an idol or role model in mind
2. Jot down the qualities which you like to have in you
3. Check whether you have at least one or two qualities which you have jotted down
4. Try implementing at least one good behavior each day ‘purposefully’
5. Revaluate yourself. Check if you are in the right track
6. Spend more time in reading
7. Update yourself on the latest happenings in the society
8. Be smart enough to find new friends
9. Discard unwanted relationships
10. Never tolerate the wrong person
11. Respect yourself and right person(friend or life partner)
12. Enjoy every day
13. Expand or widen your way of thinking
14. Educate yourself
15. Think before speaking
16. Never be rude
17. Be active
18. Meditate and exercise
19. Develop your skills
20. Clean your wardrobe, cupboards, shelves and dispose unwanted articles
21. Cook a new dish each day
22. Learn new languages
23. Take initiative I using eco-friendly bags
24. Pick up litter on the road
25. Be bold and confident

Your attitude towards others
1. Be kind and compassionate towards others
2. Treat others as you treat yourself
3. Do not do to others the things which you don’t want others to do to you.
4. Donate money to those in need
5. Have compassion towards animals
6. Co-operate with everyone
7. Use of “Thank you”, “You are welcome”, “Sorry” and “Excuse me” can improve you as a better person.

Your attitude towards the society
1. Become a better member of the society
2. Participate in activities for the betterment of the society
3. Become a friend to your friend
4. Be a better leader
5. Become a better life partner
6. Become a good parent
7. Always be available to your siblings
8. Do not talk badly about others
9. Never discriminate
10. Be just
Being a perfectionist
1. Have faith in your ability to do things
2. Never underestimate your abilities.
3. While performing any duty, do it whole-heartedly.
4. Control your anger.
5. Be open-minded.
6. Always be positive.
7. Always hope for the best.
8. Negative thoughts have no place in your life or your life’s success.
9. Follow good principles in life. Only a good follower can become a good leader.
10. Always be grateful to others.
11. Pray with sincerity.
12. Be hard working.
13. Always be humble.

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