Tips for avoiding stress and tension

health and stress management

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Never take problems seriously
2. When in trouble, be with those who can give us good advice regarding how to come out of it.
3. Concentrate on what you do. In short work while you work and play while you play
4. Find time to relax even when you loads of work to do
5. Dispose unwanted things from your workplace and living space
6. Keep things neat and tidy
7. Keep things in order
8. Clean your surroundings
9. Maintain to keep your surroundings clean
10. Be self-disciplined
11. Anchor your emotions
12. Give priority to works which can be controlled and completed by you easily
13. Take time to complete long term projects. But work on them daily. Work in portions
14. Be early to bed and early to rise
15. Pray and meditate to keep yourself calm
16. Enjoy every moment of your life
17. Regular exercise
18. Good and healthy food
19. Take in healthy snacks. Opt for fruits for oily fried snacks
20. Avoid smoking and drinking

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