Tips for activating our inner potentials

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. List out our major goals in life
2. Arrange them according to priority
3. Prepare our mind for achieving the goal
4. Make plans for action
5. Never hesitate to take a new step towards our goal
6. Never waste your time
7. Understand that you have a lot of potentials in you.
8. Be confident
9. Stay calm in troubled situations
10. Fear can stop you from discovering your potentials
11. Sweep off fear from you
12. Remove all obstacles in your way
13. Plant positive thoughts and inspirational ideas in you
14. Listen to positive speeches by orators or talk to someone who is already successful I life
15. Never stay off or else we would be left out
16. Put efforts on achieving your new goals
17. Never get tired or irritated while constantly working for your goals
18. Remember that the result of your hard work would be achieved only slowly… be patient and work continuously
19. Have patience
20. New goals help us find new potentials in us. Thus we are rediscovering our “self”
21. After discovering our new potentials, move in self confidence
22. The achievement of our goals can make us respect ourselves
23. Study new things in life thus helping us to activate the potentials
24. Join new courses and learn new things in life
25. Be disciplined
26. If you want something, you work accordingly
27. Read more…read non fictions
28. Say ‘NO’ to laziness
29. Avoid unhealthy snacking
30. Clean your surroundings. Clogged surroundings can act as a stumbling block to your thought process
31. Use leisure time in a more creative way
32. Find time to travel. Travel is a best way of gaining knowledge personally
33. Be honest to yourself
34. Say goodbye to crooked thoughts
35. Aim high

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