Tips for a good relationship

Dr. Purushothaman
September 2, 2013

1. Understand the fact that two people in a relationship have two different characters
2. No two people are made alike
3. Be initiative. Never think that you are the one to rest and relax and the other person is meant to do all the chores
4. Do things yourself
5. Stop blaming
6. Share responsibilities
7. Be a helping hand to your spouse
8. Take turns to drop kids and paying bills
9. Clean the house without fuss
10. Help your partner relax
11. Show concern to your partner
12. Be courteous
13. Try to cheer your partner up if he/she had a bad day
14. Pamper your spouse with favorite dishes
15. Encourage your partner
16. Say sorry if you are being rude
17. Say thank you when necessary
18. Try to go for outings once in a week
19. Spend time with each other even at home
20. Talk good about your partner

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