Tips and Tricks to Attract the Opposite Sex

Dr. Purushothaman
February 17, 2019

Long-term singles that are on the lookout for potential love interests are often worried about their inability to snatch a person they fancy. Most of their time is spent worrying about what they are doing wrong, or what they are not doing. Physical attraction is the first step, but can also be pretty superficial to rely on. What attracts the opposite sex towards you in a way that is beyond vanity? Attracting attention often backfires by you catching negative attention and unwanted complications.

If you are looking around to establish a meaningful relationship, be it platonic friendships or romantic bonds, the following points will help you attract new people in a positive manner.

  • Substance
  • One of the most important traits a person looks for in a future partner. Looks and physical appearance start to matter very little as time and maturity teach you that they are no good if the person has no substance. Intellect and depth define a human like no other trait. If you want the right people in your life, you need to set standards for yourself. Develop your intellect and refrain from resorting to watching immature series and videos that dull your depth.

  • Character and Mannerisms
  • Notice what the person is passionate about! A distinct character makes someone attractive automatically. You might notice a few people who grab the entire room’s attention as soon as they walk in, without saying a single word. It is in the aura they carry as they move confidently. They also show traits of having excellent mannerisms. Being grounded, polite yet firm in your values makes you more valuable as a person.

  • Positivity
  • A positive attitude reels everyone in like moths to a flame. The vibe of positivity and laughter is very infectious. Try looking at the brighter side of life and having an optimistic outlook will help you feel good about yourself. When that happens, you automatically make more positive friends, the mechanism works like a chain formation. Nobody would want to be around people who whinge and whine all day.

  • Empathy and Compassion
  • Having empathy and compassion is a noble gift many are not born with. It does not mean that the lack of being born with it defines the entire story. You can develop empathy and compassion for those around you and other sentient beings by understanding that the world is bigger than just you. Try to be a good listener and a shoulder of comfort towards friends going through a tough time will by starting point that will help you maintain lasting relationships even when things are not smooth.

  • Independence
  • Independence is a very attractive quality in any human. Being unreasonably clingy and a weight on others shoulders isn’t fair to your dignity, which will be hurt eventually when you face rejection. Your aim should be to become self-sufficient, educated and strong enough to support yourself. If you use your lack of guts as a crutch, your self-respect and ego are waiting to be bruised by somebody who decides to give you the harsh truth. Put yourself first on your list of priorities, have your own set of hobbies and friends, educate yourself through the unlimited sources available out there.

They say to find the right person you need to become the right person. Try to be the person you deserve. The love you so crave from others, you need to get-form yourself first. Living in wellbeing strives to help you arrive at your best possible version.

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