Tibetan Buddhist meditation

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014


The heart of meditation
In its purest form, Tibetan Buddhist meditation permits you to live in a state of perpetual, long-lasting peace. At last you will be free of the worries, stresses and heartbreaks that plague you on a regular basis. Your mind is steady, not racing with troublesome, unbidden notions, and your spirit flies free.
True to the wise, peaceful nature of the Tibetan culture, Buddhists incorporate the act of meditation into their everyday lives. They regard this practice as a cleansing, diffusing ritual in which you relinquish all forms of conscious thought. The western culture, by contrast, conveys the belief that one must be in full control of their senses and thought patterns at all times.
Tibetan Buddhists counter that this continuous awareness of one's self and thoughts can send your mind racing and defile your thoughts, resulting in a confused, distressed state. Sure you know what's going on, but that's not always a good thing; sometimes reality can be painful and overwhelming, and seemingly impossible to escape.
The ultimate objective of Ch'an or Zen meditation, which is deeply rooted in Tibetan culture, is to diffuse the source of the many difficulties that plague our existence, which translates to the illusion of self and other, with the ultimate aim of overcoming conscious thought and its accompanying defilement of the senses. If thoughts of your everyday life are no longer overwhelming your thought patterns, then finally you can reach your mind's core. Negative notions such as greed, hatred and anger cannot permeate your being; suddenly your energy will be free. And so will you.
You may then apply this energy to positive, productive purposes, thus resulting in a perpetual state of overall health and happiness. Sure, you'll still have problems and issues; but under the effects of Tibetan Buddhist meditation, you will be able to approach these difficulties with a strong heart and a clear head. You will exist in a sort of bubble where few can damage or hurt you; your coping mechanisms are strengthened eternally, your mind is clear and free.
Tibetans have known this secret to success for centuries, which is why Tibetan Buddhist meditation is so overwhelmingly popular. This is why meditation is referred to in Buddhist cultures as The Fundamental Practice; an everyday procedure that can make so much difference in the course of your everyday life. For many Tibetans, meditation is as common to everyday life as sleeping and eating. Perhaps this is why people of this culture are renowned for their wisdom, patience, virtue, and ultimate kindness.
You, too, can share in this ultimate experience of Tibetan Buddhist meditation. Try this remarkable practice today, and reap the lifelong benefits.
About the Author
Rasmus Lindgren has practiced meditation for several years and has created a free course in Tibetan Buddhist meditation targeted at beginners. He is also author of the ebook Buddhist Meditation targeted at beginners.

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