They Are Happy Nappers

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Of several pillow toys available for our youngsters today, the Happy Nappers is a wonderful choice since it not just serves as a pet toy but a comfy fluffy pillow as well. It provides an easy friend on for them to be accompanied with.
It's becoming pretty common nowdays to buy things online. Unfortunately, we're not also blind to the fact that buying online can sometimes be tricky. Some of these items that might need to consider first would be the shipping and handling cost, specific models and of course the exact price itself.
This article therefore was intended to give you some pertinent details when buying online. This pillow toy sadly is not available in shops and thus I hope you'll discover information helpful.
So basically, this is a pet toy as it was made in different animal variations and it is also pillow which your kids can use during bedtime. Purposely, it can be used for as birthday gifts, party toys, play pal and a whole lot of other things.
These little cute toys are actually zipped in their own unique individual "home sweet home". The stuffed animal toy is present inside the pillow which has a doorbell outside which when pushed produced animal sounds. By unzipping the front, your kid's reversible pillow pal unfolds out to its own unique animal design.
The Happy Napper indeed could be a good treat to your kids and their friends during birthdays, slumber parties and during bedtime stories. The include the following:Palace-to-Unicorn; Igloo-to-Penguin; Barn-to-Cow; Castle-to-Dragon; Bungalow-to-Ladybug and the Dog House-to-Dog.
The Castle-to-Dragon is one great favorite among boys while the Palace-to-Unicorn is great for girls! Also,the happy nappers is famously called as "pillow pal". Why? Because, happy nappers was made from a very simple yet innovative concept of being a useful fluffy pillow which your kids would love during nighttime as well as perfect pet toy too.
How much does Happy Napper Costs?
Each Happy Napper currently costs $19.99 + S&H and there's the privilege to save maybe at least $3 if you add more.The good thing is, if you buy 6 or more of these toys, you don't get to pay the shipping fee. Of the many as seen on tv offers I encountered, happy napper gives a portion of its proceeds to the Children's Brain Tumor Foundation.
Tracking your happy nappers order is also made easy at the happy nappers official website. This is a cool way to know where now your package is and when it would arrive right at your doorstep. There is also this Priority Orders option which are processed with 24-48 hours while Non-priority orders are processed in 3-5 days.

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