The way you look and feel, increases your sense of wellbeing

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014

If you want to live your life to the full you know how important it is to look good and feel great. The way you look and feel, increases your sense of wellbeing and gives you more self confidence and you appreciate how comfortable you become.
Being comfortable with the way you look and feel, increases your sense of wellbeing.
You understand that your weight is an important factor in the way you feel about yourself. So if you are overweight by even a few pounds it can have a dramatic affect on the way you look and feel and this reflects on your level of self confidence.
Starting out on your weight loss program.
To lose a few pounds and achieve your ideal weight you will have to make a few conscious decisions and stick with them.
Do you join a weight loss program that promises you will lose all the weight you want to within a week, or do you hunt for the latest copy of diet details with their tasteless meals?. Maybe you just simply take some slimming pills or meal replacement shakes and hope for the best.
After you manage to lose a few pounds on your miraculous scheme you then decide to end your slimming program and stuff your face with even more high calorie food than you were eating before you started dieting. You hop on the scales and to your horror you weigh more than you did before you started. You now feel like a miserable failure and eat even more because you are depressed as well.
After stopping your selected diet for a while you decide to give it another go and attempt the process all over again but this time you will stick it out because you have now got even more weight to lose. I've heard that one before many times over.
Ask yourself how many people do you know who always seem to be on a diet? When you talk to your friends, how often do you hear them tell you that they are going on a diet? Its not always the same one they were on the last time you spoke to them. Strictly speaking we are all on a diet  its what we eat!
In today's world going on a diet means watching everything we eat and invariably cutting out most of the foods that are supposedly bad for us. The problem starts because the things we enjoy eating most of all like butter, cream chocolate sweets, and ice cream etc are a no go area and we now feel deprived of our luxury food items. Then we are told to eat foods that are good for us and because we are not used to them they taste rather bland. We just do not enjoy eating any more and bang goes the diet even if we have shed a few pounds.
Some slimming programs take such a huge amount of effort to ensure you eat the right foods that you become almost obsessed with your eating habits and do not look forward to meal times any more. So much planning on deciding the menu that it is no longer fun but more like a chore.
What we really need is a slimming program that is fun so we look forward to implementing it.
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