The Truth About Life Coaching

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


Life coaching. The phrase may sound new and strange, for why would anybody want their lives to be coached? By someone else? Maybe to some, coaches sound too sporty or academic, because at first, coaches may be just for athletes preparing for a big game or championship. Or a student about to take an exam that may affect the outcome of one's future. But another kind of coaching, this time life coaching is the new and latest 'in thing' for business and likewise for personal advancement. Currently in United Kingdom, it's still an unregulated discipline there. Being given a title of a 'life coach', it can cover a wide array of practices.
It is important to note that not all coaching courses and naturally, coaches are created equal because there is no definite national standards for Coaching. Thus, the quality of training for a life coach and levels of personal development may differ considerably. Anyway, what is life coaching all about? COACHING IS DEFINITELY ABOUT YOU, YOUR GOALS AND YOUR SELF AWARENESS. In detail, it is a process that involves promoting your self awareness, showing your direction now and helps you to pinpoint what is not working. Additionally, it helps in bringing balance into your life and increasing your possibilities to more choices.
It also guides and leads you to where exactly you want to go. More importantly, it makes you conscious of your roots for motivation. Significantly, it is best to realize that coaching is a whole new different frame from therapy. While therapy is more focused on fixing mistakes and structures in the past, Life coaching is basically more about making the best out of the future so, it is more into goal setting. In this process, the client will become an active participant (more of a role playing) in actually creating his own change which favorably is for the better.
He will be responsible and be involved in some specific tasks in determining their goals and coming to terms toward their future. Being a coach is not just merely giving advices or make changes but to envision clear-cut outcomes for your goals. It also demonstrates your awareness to some related 'blind spots', keeps you sincere and truthful about yourself and to be fully involved along the process. Furthermore, it keeps you abreast and helps you move forward. For some people, life coaching is a valuable process because a good life coach will assist you to realize your own possibilities in your untapped potential.
Coaches or mentors are effective sounding boards for our insights, new ideas, sharing our aspirations, thus, opening a channel of friendship and trust. There are times when we 'think out loud' impulsively. Like saying something then wondered how did that happen or how can we realize it? An effective life coach will help clarify ideas and is also good in asking questions. He can lead awareness, inspire more motivation and through artful questioning, highlight some 'blind spots'. So do you think you can benefit from life coaching? It is your choice to decide what is best for you.

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