The True Definition of Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


What is your purpose in life? You need to find a purpose. You'd better find something to do with your life or else. Why are you even here? What are you good for? These are some of the common questions and statements you ask yourself or that others ask you regarding what you are planning to do with your life.
In many instances though, individuals do not understand the true definition of purpose. To most people this is just an overused term that gets thrown around when trying to tell others what they ought to be doing with their lives.
The goal of this article is to help you define purpose in a way that helps you more easily discover your own purpose and apply it to your life.
Purpose means reason for being; the true intended point of existence - the true principle function of a life. Every one of us has a purpose - a reason we exist. We all have unique gifts and talents that only we as individuals can share with the world the way it was truly intended.
Sadly, many, if not most, people will never discover their true purpose. A main reason for this is that most do not understand what it actually means.
Following is a quick outline that will help you define true purpose.
True purpose can be defined as the embodiment of 3 elements - Passion, Service and Conscience.
First, let's look at Passion.
Passion is all about the heart and what truly fulfills it; it is about what brings you joy and a sense of accomplishment. In defining your true purpose, it is crucial that you figure out what drives you - what motivates you to do the things that make you most uncomfortable just to be a part of it. This is the healthiest food for your heart and you must endeavor to find it.
Second, let's look at Service.
Service refers to fulfilling a need or creating significant difference in the world - in the lives of others. Your purpose is not a true purpose if it/you serve no one. If your passion only fulfills you and yet creates no value for others, it cannot be considered a true purpose. Therefore, through your true purpose, you must endeavor to fulfill a need or make a difference in the lives of others. The point is that what you do has to matter to the world if it is to truly be a gift.
The point here is that we are all here to serve in one way or another - we only need discover how we are meant to and then do it.
Third, let's look at Conscience.
Conscience is the power - the spirit that directs you. This is where you derive your sense of right and wrong. For your purpose to be true not only must it meet the standard of the other 2 elements, it must also meet the threshold of righteousness. What you do must be done for the right reasons - you must do the right things.
Through your purpose, you must never take any action that you do not truly believe is right otherwise you taint the integrity of your true reason for being. Your sense of right and wrong - your conscience must always be at peace with your choices.
These 3 elements embody the true definition of purpose.

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