The Top Obstacles You May Face When Meditating

Dr. Purushothaman
January 23, 2014

The Top Obstacles You May Face When Meditating (published)
We all know that meditating has many wonderful benefits for the mind, body and spirit. Indeed, that is why you have embarked on this healthy endeavor. Nevertheless, meditating is a process that takes a great deal of work and time to master. In this, like any endeavor, there are obstacles and challenges that will have to be faced and overcome in order to attain the benefits we seek from meditating.
In today's society of instant gratification, one of the more common obstacles we face is motivation, or rather a lack of it. What do you do when you don't want to meditate? The fact of the matter is that the less you are involved in meditating, the less you will meditate. However the opposite is true too. The more you meditate, the more you will meditate. While that sounds redundant, it is nevertheless a general fact. By building up the habit of meditating, it eventually becomes a habit that becomes harder to break.
One good way of alleviating the lack of motivation problem is shorten the time you spend meditating. Instead of trying to meditate for an hour (which is long), try 30 minutes or less. The idea is to make it easier for you to do. Meditating with proper focus and concentration over a shorter period; is better than meditating improperly over a longer span of time.
Another common challenge of meditating is not being able to sit still long enough to achieve anything. Not being able to sit still is something we usually attribute to kids, but in fact this can be a major challenge for adults as well. If you think about it really, we are always on the go. There are very few times when we are perfectly motionless. We even toss and turn in our sleep. So that act of being still for a prolonged period of time is quite unnatural to most of us. We will find that once we start meditating that our muscles will demand that we move a leg or an arm, or that annoying itch will appear in the middle of our back.
This is not an easy obstacle to overcome or one that can be done necessarily overnight. Again, patience is required to accomplish our goal. First, you are going to have to accept this basic premise. The first few times you start meditating, there are going to wiggles, necessary scratches, and the like. Work on minimizing these movements with each succeeding session; eliminating one thing at a time. Next, take a few moments to get comfortable before you begin meditating, and work out the kinks in your body. The better prepared you are beforehand, will go along way to ensuring your success when you begin meditating.
In fact, this line of thought points directly to another challenge of meditating - being physically uncomfortable. If you are in pain or otherwise feeling discomfort while meditating, this will be a major distraction for you. It is critical, therefore, that you find a sitting position that allows you to successfully direct your attention toward meditating. Use pads or a properly backed chair or whatever it is you need to attain a comfortable position. You should also consider stretching (remember deep contractions exercises?) before you assume your meditating position.
These are just some of the more common challenges we face when we begin meditating. There are of course others. The key thing to remember is that you are not alone in experiencing these obstacles. Most people have had to deal with them. Just remember that meditating takes time to master. So long as you continue to put forth consistent effort, you will overcome these difficulties. Believe me; meditating is well worth the effort that it takes to master.
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