The Top 3 Preschool Attention Getters

Dr. Purushothaman
October 1, 2013

Top 3 Preschool Attention Getters (You can use some of these on children of any age)

Have you ever tried to get the attention of a room full of preschool children? How about just getting the attention of one toddler? There are simple ways to get kids to notice you, and you don’t have to scream at the top of your lungs to do it! Read on to find out exactly how you can teach even preschool kids to stop playing and watch you.

Attention getter #1


That’s right, clap your hands. But don’t just clap like you are cheering on the winning team. Clap rhythmically; use two slow claps and 3 fast claps, pause and then repeat the process until you have the attention of a few kids.

Now stop for a moment and see how many children are paying attention. Tell them you are playing a new game and they have to try to clap just like you are, then start the process again. As you continue, more and more of the preschoolers will follow along, trying to copy your movements. Mix up the sequences and tell the kids that whenever they hear you clapping they should stop what they are doing and try to follow along.

Attention-getter #2


Kids don’t care how great your voice is, they just love music, so sit down and begin to sing a nursery rhyme or song along with fingerplays. Songs will get their attention while the finger plays get them to stop and watch. Some great finger plays are Itsy Bitsy Spider, Five Fat Peas, and I Caught a Fish Alive; or you can make up the movements to any rhyme you know by heart. The kids will naturally try to imitate your movements.

Attention-getter #3


Don’t leave them off, turn them back on again, then immediately get their attention by holding your fingers up and saying “Give me five!” All the children should hold up their hands and say FIVE! Then continue by holding up four fingers and saying “Give me four!” Repeat the process down to one, while getting progressively quieter.

One of the first lessons preschool and kindergarten children learn is how to sit still and learn. Use these simple techniques to get their attention so you can teach them how to stop, look and listen to you.


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