The Spiritual Meaning of Numbers

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


The spiritual meaning of numbers can help us understand the many principles that govern the existence and operations of the things in the universe. The better understanding can enable us to align our lives daily in the path of favor and success. When you know the spiritual significance of numbers, you will be able to draw from the power of numbers to bring about divine heart spiritual healing and total well being of the spirit, soul and body.
Every thing existing in the universe has values in frequencies attached to it, and these values wobbles constantly in time, releasing vibes that brings divine heart spiritual healing, total health and wealth. The spiritual meaning of numbers has its foundation on this principle, expressing the inherent power contained in numbers and its relationship to the forces governing universal activity. We all need to utilize the spiritual significance of numbers to our advantage - enabling healthy and wealthy living.
The number One is a pure number that represents an untainted life, but the major meaning of this number is a fresh beginning - a new start. In the spiritual meaning of numbers, when the number one occurs severally in a person's life within a particular time frame, the individual should know its time to take a different step to start something new. The spiritual significance of the numbers two and three are unity, enchantment and instinct. The number four denotes establishment and five speaks of volatility and change - the spiritual meaning of numbers four and five are in opposition one to the other.
The spiritual meaning of numbers six and seven are sincerity and mystery. Number six represents truth are honesty and seven has to do with understanding and knowledge - it is a number of perfection. When the spiritual significance of numbers three and seven are related properly, one's life will emit soundness and perfection. The spiritual meaning of numbers eight and nine stands for new beginnings, fulfillment and success. Nine is the crown of all, and it speaks of accomplishment.
Whether or not you choose to believe that numbers actually have spiritual meaning, their use in spiritual text is certainly worth noting. I believe that in as much as we believe that words have spiritual significance, so too do numbers. As in any case, what you believe in becomes true for you. So I guess if you believe in the spiritual meaning of numbers, then numbers will have spiritual meaning to you and if you don't believe in the spiritual significance of numbers, in the same way numbers will not have a spiritual significance in your experiences. Hopefully, this article will provoke your thinking, and let you ponder of the possibility of the spiritual meaning of numbers.
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