The Source of the Secret of Happiness

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Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


What could possibly be the secret of happiness? The pursuit for happiness is inherent to every human being. All the efforts and achievements are focused to one goal, and that is how to find happiness. In order to answer this query, it is necessary to know the perspective of the person that is looking for happiness.
What is Happiness?
When we try to discover something, it is important to know first the facts about it. Since, we are trying to know the secret of happiness; we have to get vital information about happiness. Happiness is defined as a feeling or a state of mind
that is characterized by sheer joy, satisfaction, pleasure, contentment or love. People, in their attempt to know how to find happiness, turned to several possible ways to look for its sources. The many ways to identify the sources of happiness are through psychological, biological, philosophical, and religious means.
The source of happiness depends on what will satisfy the person looking for it. Happiness may originate from wealth, position in life, fame, knowledge, or having a good family.
Happiness from Material Wealth
Many people try to find the secret of happiness by having material possessions. They relate their happiness to wealth and work all their lives to haul many things. These people will be satisfied when they are able to acquire the top of the line car model, building new huge homes, or being entertained by the latest electronic gadgets.
Happiness from Personal Achievement
Other people find the secret of happiness through personal achievement in their professions or careers. These people know how to find happiness by doing well in their jobs and achieving high position in work or society. They will always feel happy when given commendations and promotions in relation to what they have achieved.
Happiness from Fame
The secret of happiness for many people in sports and entertainment industry is fame. Their happiness is from winning contests and being famous celebrities. They work all their lives mastering their sports in order to have victory. The entertainers in singing and acting maintain their fame by providing their greatest performance at all times. Their happiness depends on how long they are able to maintain being at the top.
Happiness from Educational Achievements
The secret of happiness to other people is from attaining the highest possible level of education. These individuals are not contended by just graduating from college, but they want to achieve higher level of learning such as master or doctorate degrees. However, their quest will never end and will continue their learning as much as they could.
Happiness from Family
Many people declare that the secret of happiness is their families. These people know how to find happiness by just enjoying the company of their family. Their life is centered to relationship with parents, children and relatives. Their family becomes the source of strength to face trials and inspiration for their achievements. People who are happy with their family cherish the experience as treasures in life.

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