The Seven Spiritual Laws of Success - The Secret to Effortless Sucess

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


"Work hard and you'll be successful" is a common saying. The corollary that you can't succeed without hard work is a widely held belief. Yet a few people seem to succeed effortlessly. If you want to join them you need to understand the "Law of Least Effort"
The law of least effort is one of the seven spiritual laws of success. The law states that if you follow natural principles you should not have to struggle to create whatever you want. If you desire success it can be effortless, provided you follow the correct path.
Look at nature: nature does not struggle to achieve it's objectives. Plants do not struggle to grow, they merely grow and express themselves in the form that they are destined to achieve. The universe just continues to do what it continues to do without making any special effort.
Looking at the universe through scientific eyes, it is obeying one very important principle - the minimisation of energy. Everything that happens in the world happens with the expenditure of as little energy as possible.
Humans are not separate from these natural laws, but we have evolved some very powerful capabilities. Our most powerful capability is that we effortlessly manifest whatever we spend our time focusing our minds on. The problem is that many people do not realise this and they spend their time focusing on what they don't want or don't need. They are surprised when they effortlessly create what they don't want or don't need.
One area where you probably spend a lot of energy that you don't need is in maintaining and feeding your ego - your sense of yourself as something that is separate from the rest of the universe.
Some of the areas you may put a lot of energy into are: consciously seeking money and status, looking for power, looking for control or even seeking approval. These are all directly related to your need to protect and even inflate your own ego.
When you make the conscious effort to stop channeling energy into these wasteful activities, you free up tremendous amounts of energy for creating what you really want to create, including wealth, happiness and health.
The key to success in this area is to see yourself as part of the universe rather than separate from it. Achieving a state of compassion and love for everything that is part of that universe will help you to feel a part of an extended universe. Your love and compassion should extend to you - you are part the universe! Love is a universal law that binds everything together and by getting into this state you can align yourself with the rest of the universe
As you align yourself with the Law of Least Effort and you channel more of your energy into manifesting what you truly desire, you will need less time and less action to achieve those results. If you become truly proficient at this process you could get to the point where you nothing and yet you achieve everything you want. If you do, you will have travelled a long way from the belief that you need to work hard to succeed.
The seven spiritual laws of success are built upon natural principles. You can build these natural principles into your life as a bedrock for your path to future prosperity and happiness. Would you like to learn more about the the seven spiritual law of success?
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