The Real Magic Of Goal Achievement

Dr. Purushothaman
August 27, 2013

Goal setting is a very powerful instrument in order to achieve exceptional results. With the use of goals you can achieve your dream career for s successful life in the future. It is important to write and post your goals where you can always see them. As you write your goals, it is imperative that you make a realistic deadline. For example, if you will write a goal to lose 40 lbs. in one week, it is better not to try it because it is very unrealistic. If you will write a deadline it is better to write "lose 40 lbs. at the end of the month". Goal setting is all about writing goals that are very realistic and you think it is possible for you to accomplish it on time.

Exact details are very important when it comes to goal setting. If you will write your goals, then you need to write several details that you want to happen with your goals. For example, you want to build a Jacuzzi in the middle of a beautiful garden filled with lots of flowers. You need to write down all important details that will lead you in achieving this goal. It will be helpful if you will frequently read this goal so you will be reminded that you have deadlines that you need to meet. Goal setting is one of the best things that you can do if you want career advancement or if you are planning a career change.

Goal setting can help you achieve your dreams for as long as it is realistic. If this is your first time to set a goal, it is better to think of simple gal that you can accomplish for the day of for the week. This will help you established your own strategies that will help you to accomplish your goal. Those people who are very successful in life use goal setting because they want to accomplish something for themselves. Without setting goal, you might end up waking up one day realizing that you have not accomplished much in your life. Without any goal, you will wander aimlessly within your lifetime. Life will make you busy, but it does not mean that you are satisfied with what you have achieved. If you are busy, then it does not mean that you are being productive. You can be busy every day, but in reality you are not accomplishing anything.

You will realize that once you start goal setting that there is something magical happening in your life. If you will focus on your goal, then you will go towards goal-relevant activities and you will stay away from goal-irrelevant activities that make your life busy. If you have goals in life, then you focus your time, energy and abilities to accomplish goals. Every time you do something, it is important to always ask yourself if it is moving you forward towards your goals to moving away from it. Goal setting is minimizing activities that are moving you away from your goals and focus on activities that will bring you closer to your goals.

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