The Purpose of Life Lessons

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013

There are certain life lessons or events in our life that literally stop us in our tracks. Even small, seemingly petty incidences can be the most profound, life changing events ever; they don't have to be catastrophic events. Life lessons cause us to look deep inside to see exactly what it is we are doing, why, what we need to change and, take action on creating change.
At the time of the event or incident it can seem that life is throwing a curve ball at us. However, it is often life lessons that promote deep introspection in which we find answers that we may not have noticed otherwise. It's like a kick in the butt to help us move forward... faster than we planned.
There are two choices we can make; keep running or face the challenge head on. If we run, we miss the opportunity for growth. Facing the obstacle head on is an incredible opportunity for change and moving forward, whether it be in our business or life.
It's a time for re-evaluation. If we're not producing, not positive and not pumped up about our work, life or vision, we need to make changes.
If we say where we are, in the zone we know as comfort where things are constant, nothing is going to change and we've blown a chance for expansion and growth. So, choose to embrace life lessons.
I know I want to keep growing and creating abundance on many levels of being: mentally, physically, emotionally, spiritually, financially. I consider it my job to inspire others to do the same.
We all have so much to offer and give to this planet and those around us. So, when given life lessons, when stopped in your tracks, take a good look around and decide what steps you're going to take to remain positive and productive. Embrace the opportunity you've discovered. Latch onto it and propel yourself into action. Pounce on life lessons and garner from them all that you can learn. I'm certain you'll be glad you did.

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