The Power of Meditation -Its Connection to Mind and Body

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Meditation is a powerful tool that can provide a wealth of benefits. One of the most promising benefits is the ability that meditation has to help both the mind and the body. Many people use meditation as a way to relax the body. Meditation makes extensive use of breathing techniques as well as preparation techniques that are designed to promote the release of tension from the body.
Some people begin by breathing in a particular pattern or by taking large measured breaths and maintaining the number of breaths per minute. This in turn creates a situation, which allows the body to naturally release tension and relax. They may also make use of techniques designed specifically to relax the muscles of the body and release tension. For some people who make use of meditation this technique provides the necessary internal environment for them to reach the meditative state.
The benefit of reaching this state of physical relaxation is similar to exercise. Exercise causes the muscles to release toxins. These toxins are often caused by stress and tension as well as environmental factors. When you relax and remove the tension from your body, you often can achieve the same benefit. You body will naturally release toxins and be less likely to store them within fat and muscle tissue. Tension and stress also tend to make it harder for your body to move. The harder you have to work to move and function in your daily routine the less energy you have to spend on the things you need and want to do.
Mentally, numerous benefits come from meditation. Meditation helps to bring situations into perspective. It helps to relieve mental stress and anxiety. You can set your mind to a problem while you are meditating. Meditation can also provide focus and can even be a way for you to be able to rest your mind. Many people do not get enough sleep. This is generally caused by stress, tension, and overwork. Meditation can help to compensate as a short-term solution by providing a way to release stress and allow your mind to rest.
As a result of allowing your mind to rest, you can often eliminate the afternoon drag that often sets in after lunch. You also can obtain the mental focus and clarity that often comes with a good night's sleep. Having the ability to obtain this type of mental clarity and focus can be of great benefit. You can put it to use before a big meeting so you feel focused, clear headed and able to easily handle anything that comes your way.
Meditation provides a powerful tool and method for connecting the body and the mind and drawing out the best of both. It can also help you restore your body and mind and provide you the focus you need to do your best at whatever you set out to accomplish. In a world where overtime, taking work home, and over packed schedules are the norm, meditation can provide a restorative oasis.

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