The Power of Habits in Your Life

Dr. Purushothaman
January 12, 2014


How does the power of habits affect your life?
Our daily habits can have a positive or negative affect on our personal and business life. It is estimated that 95% of the things we do we do out of habit and is a continues routine. You could say we are creatures of habit.
Habits are a practice or act we frequently repeat or a mode of behavior.
We get to choose our habits whether it is a good or bad habits. The habits we form and choose throughout our life time can mold our future. They make you who you are and also can break you. The power of negative habits can even bring discouragement into your life.
Good habits are difficult to acquire and the bad ones are easy to live with. So how do you work on your negative habits and create positive ones? Keep this in mind, life is a do it yourself project and is always a work in progress. It does not end! All of our battles are internal. Only 20% of our battles are external and the other 80% is internal.
To acquire good habits you have to change your thought process. If you can grasp this concept you can change many of your negative habits into productive and positive ones. Work on your thought process. Think about your bad habits and how you could change them. Be honest with yourself. If you are not honest and critical about it your negative habits will continue to rule your life.
What I have found is someone with some negative habits that they not only affects them but also affects others and they can not see the effect it has on themselves and others. They normally respond by making excuses. You need to listen to others and not become defensive and use this to your advantage to make a positive change. To make a change you have to discipline yourself.
Start with the habits that you see as unproductive in your daily routine. Once you have figured these out make a change in your routine and always keep in mind the process you need to do daily to break the negative habit and continue to work on it. Eventually the negative becomes a positive and it will just become routine and you will not even have to think about it.

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