The Pain of the Mind Is Worse Than the Pain of Body

Dr. Purushothaman
January 15, 2014


Like the mind of dementia that cries from the inner being. The clad brace that squeeze the brain Until there is no air, I forfeit the heart Only if the mind shall be release of the pain Schizophrenic illusions of the mind that Lives within a tomb Beyond the clouds of pain, Joy embrace, beyond the cloud the dark Shall turn to light

Beyond the rainbows, humble and peace, shall be stealing From dark corners we shall over come, Freeing self from the prisons, mind behavior of life justice shall prevail, Hidden within, those who only, see the interludes, from the outside, but not within. Oh how the struggles rip apart, screaming for freedom, as the walls close in. Death that creeps upon the door, fantasy of horror, I truly believe. As the breath, gets shorter, and the trembling of the body, and the tears streams, upon face, Mercy he cries, to the inner, horror of his space. As he pray, an ask God, to take his life, the killer within a burning fire.

The battle the mind, which has no more control, slavery within, the deep an cold, Hoping an pretending it will end, as it creeps upon mind again, blocking mind, of the actions, and emotions, to replace the fear. Screams that sit upon the soul crying out release my mind, that I may be free, the pain of mind is worse than the pain of body.
Chronic contraction occurs mental collusions under three basic conditions delusions of a hypocrisy that hides behind the altered constitution, there shall be no freedom, until man frees self, To lead are to be control by the diversity of common sense, wisdom, empowerment of a people: injury, insult, and repetitive conditioning. To lead self the holocaust; sensory, branded slavery, being contractures that result from intellectual transparent delusions hidden behind self. Under conditions Of the protruded mind concept, I am the power of persuasions, I am in control of my every being, there is only one God, I am the treasures of creations, I am the source of wisdom and information; My mind shall not control my destiny I shall control my every thoughts; Pain shall not be my seclusion within the weapons of my own destruct. The brain hidden and program to explored in the event of strength to over throw the thought of embolisms of slave mentality syndromes with injury, a mind that is tenses and restricts movement to avoid pain and to permit healing psycho-physiological behavior, Psychosis the bionic disk, programmed to pinch the brain as the thought of power, conflicts the stimulation of who am I, the resurrection of life, pain shall embrace

Pain until the formalizations of self be restored. Pro pain the state of mind to exhale releasing the membranes of pain.. The insult of injury persists far beyond the time of healing. The first signs of oppression to release the oppositions the pain of slavery which is release when the stressful situation is past with the oppositions to live. Long-past injury that predispose the mind to mysterious crises of pain from seemingly unrelated causes misdiagnosed as arising from the rusted chains damage from genetic malformation. To live are to dye within the opposition of pain.

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