The Mind Body Connection

Dr. Purushothaman
January 16, 2014


Transformational change works holistically on the neurological pathways where memories and thought patterns are stored at the deep unconscious level to promote 'wholeness' of spirit. Aligning you with who you are meant to be!
'Wholeness' allows all parts of you to work in unison with your highest intention and in alignment with your true self. If ever you feel yourself getting frustrated or angry, sad or bored, you are out of alignment with who you are truly meant to be. You are going against the flow of who you truly are.
The mind body connection has never been more important.
Let me share with you a story...
About going against the flow of who you truly are.
Entrepreneurs often have this internal struggle with allowing themselves to be an entrepreneur, of following their dreams and doing what they love. Whether it’s from external pressures or listening to the naysayers around them, the entrepreneurial spirit can get pushed to the side…if you let it.
Only the entrepreneur or artist will know the feeling you get when you're on a roll. You can get so caught up creatively with such an intensity of focus that time feels like its standing still. You keep going no matter how tired, with the thrill of loving what you're doing!
Five years ago, I was on a roll spending my days designing jewellery, importing and exporting jewellery and bead products around the globe. I had built a top-ranking website with a winning formula that had the edge over my competitors on the net. That winning formula attracted a proposal to do the same for well-known business clients around Australia, and so I found myself running two businesses.
I also discovered a new entrepreneurial ‘high’. I got a buzz out of building content rich websites that hit the top Google rankings within weeks for clients. Often competing with myself to see how quickly I could achieve it. In some instances, I had 7 out of 10 of the top listings on the first page of Google for my clients. I was stoked!
The intense focus I had on my jewelry design business was now diluted over two businesses and I suddenly found myself not keeping up with either particularly well, or making the money I expected. My focus shifted to the problems and panic set in.
Arrival of the Safe Job
After an internal battle with my creative self, I stifled my entrepreneurial spirit to take up a safe job. I justified the decision by telling myself I was being ‘financially responsible’.
What followed was a series of jobs, none of which I found truly fulfilling. One particular job would see me travel nationally running workshops and seminars in online trade and internet marketing. I really enjoyed empowering others with knowledge, but the CEO of this company and I were totally misaligned in our working styles and values.
The resulting stress gave me an ulcer and I had the sense to quit, but not quickly enough. Here I was, a long way away from my true self. A neurological chain of events was set off in my body, it would see me gradually lose the feeling and strength in my limbs over the course of the next year.
I had difficulty walking, my feet would drag and trip me up and I struggled to lift my arms above my head. I hired a cleaner to clean my house and I cooked sitting down, too weak to stand for long. Some days my brain got really foggy and my fingers would type different things on my keyboard than what my brain was telling them to.
I saw numerous specialists, none of whom could give me a specific diagnosis. I spent a lot of time focusing on how unwell I was and feeling discouraged. You do get what you focus on!
Return of the kick-ass bitch
You don’t get to become an entrepreneur without having an inner drive to succeed and perseverance, where others would naturally give up. And at my lowest point, the kick-ass bitch of steely determination returned thank goodness!
I realized that the biggest thing holding me back was my own thinking and self-talk. I got off the medical roundabout and decided to help myself, no more specialists. I connected with a wonderful physiotherapist and GP, who supported me through many months of rehabilitation.
I started swimming again, my legs were so weak in the beginning that I had to use flippers to just get from one end of the pool to the other. My left foot and arm worked so poorly that it was difficult to swim in a straight line or get my left foot to kick.
It was painful too, my muscles cramped constantly in my feet and calves as I swam and I struggled to lift my arms out of the water. It felt so alien to me, like my body belonged to someone else. I had always been a strong swimmer. In my youth I was a state basketballer and competitive swimmer, so I knew what it felt like to be an athlete.
As I swam, I kept saying to myself ‘Rosemary, the more you do this the more your neurons are going to fire off, they will remember the pathways of how they used to work before.
I persevered, at first it felt like nothing was changing and then gradually I started to get some of the feeling and strength back in my arms and legs. It took six months before I could take the fins off and swim unaided.
It took another 18 months before I got most of the feeling back in my body. I still have residual numbness in my feet and hands, and my left foot is a bit wonky when I swim. Sometimes I struggle to open things up, but I have a great husband who can. I am back to feeling like an athlete in the pool, I am strong and fit. My heart, head, and neurons have healed.

The mind-body connection is everything.
I knew at the unconscious level that my neurons and nerve pathways held the memories of how my body worked when it was fit and well. By focusing consciously on reconnecting those memories to my damaged neurons, it would help them heal. The power of positive thought is amazing!
I do yoga now too, gently stretching my spine and muscles. Feeling lighter and more flexible in the core of my being.
When I swim I enjoy every moment of it, using expanded awareness to take in the water and the sky, the swimmers splashing past me in the next lanes, the feel of the water on my skin, the stretch of my body gliding through the water with each stroke and the strength in my shoulders as I swim. The bubbles tingling as I breathe in and out.
Each breath energizes me and makes me stronger.

I am working on achieving wholeness and I will know when I get there. I know that I am right where I am meant to be, following the beat of my own drum.
The journey is just beginning for me and I wish the same for you.

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