The Meaning of Life: Living One's Life on Purpose

Dr. Purushothaman
November 26, 2013


The life that one finds themselves with is the life that in one way or another, they have chosen; even if in ways in which he or she does not presently understand. The experiences and conditions of the lifetime are of one's own creation.Quite often, this choosing is more from an unconscious space than conscious awareness; life does not have to be this way.
A person creates his or her own reality by way of  translating the life energy into one's own thoughts, feelings, emotions, etc. This is by way of ones own dreams, hopes, wishes, intents, expectations, doubts, fears, insecurities, successes, failures, and all the rest of what is humanly possible. These things €œdirect the processes by which the conditions and experiences of ones life comes about.
The actual mechanics are unconscious; however, they work directly in line with ones beliefs about which they perceive and interpret themselves to be, and the world at large. There is a greater and eternal part of everyone, which knows why the individual comes to be here on this planet. This part of the individual is the eternal force from within the self, but it does not control the show; this responsibility belongs to the personality living the lifetime.
For ease of purpose in communicating here in this article, this greater and eternal part of ones self (or ones essence) is the eternal identity of the individual beyond the context of one single lifetime. The individuals essence is the power that helps form the life, and it follows the directions given to it by the personality; by way of the things  mentioned previously. To say another way, the mechanics of these “processes” are unconscious, but their direction by the personality is not. Intuitively getting the meaning here is integral to the understanding of this article.
In the seemingly insignificant choices, the personality makes on a daily basis, moment-by-moment throughout their lifetime, the life forms. As the mind focuses upon on what it knows to be true about the individual and the world around them, the essence listen and helps brings about the desired life experiences without qualification, in its closest approximation. Remember that this last part is most often unconscious, as far as the person is concerned, but not the first part.
The living of ones life brings lessons to bear in it that supports the growth and understanding of not only the individual, but also of every other soul met during the life. In larger terms, it is ones essence, which is keeping the score on the individual living the lifetime. The individual living the lifetime will answer to this part of themselves,in their own time, and in their own way. Know that ones essence does not accept excuses, for this eternal part of the individual perceives without distortion in the afterlife.
The essence of an individual soul is aware of everything done by the personality living the particular lifetime. Please understand that for the purposes of simple communication, this article speaks as if there is some imaginary line drawn between where the personality and ones essence exists, but there is no such line. Know that there are no arbitrary divisions within the nature of the individual; this article separates them only for the purpose of effective communication.
Ones essence from which they emerged or grew is just as much a part of the individual right now, as their own thoughts, feelings, and emotions. The individual is a complete and integrated whole; all parts of the being are spiritual, not just the essence. To consider the higher planes of existence is just as spiritual of an experience as that of preparing a meal, cleaning the house, having fun, or any other humanly possible experience. Everyone has his or her own ideas about physical life, and that of the “larger picture as well; this is one reason only why there are so many teachers in life.
Therefore, while there are many, many different teachings available to any given person to help him or her understand it all, the accepted teachings are nothing more than that which serves a good purpose at the particular time in their life. It is that which helps them get to the next point of development in their souls evolution.
As the individuals question and validate for themselves the usefulness of a particular spiritual teaching (and they should) one day they may find that it is time for them to move on to their “next level of learning.” It is as the particular person grows and develops that their understanding of their perceptions and interpretations is what will lead them where it is they wish to be.
Since spiritual teachings are interpretations in the attempt to try to explain the larger picture, it is no wonder that they are different or that they too change. For this reason, please do try to find a way to become tolerant of the religious or spiritual beliefs that any given soul may choose to follow in their life at any given time. There are teachers and teachings available at all levels of the souls spiritual evolutionary path.
The perceptions and interpretations of the various teachers may indeed disagree, and this brings about real differences in their available material. The only problem with any of this, is when any person soul thinks that their way is the only truth (in capital letters) and that anyone elses way is wrong (in capital letters.) Simply put, these particular individuals believe that any way, which does not follow theirs, is wrong. These individuals believe there is only one path to the goal of human understanding; and this simply is not true.
For any individual to conduct his or her life in this way is not good work spiritually. However, even here we find purpose; if for no other reason than to learn the lesson that this teaches.” In these cases, most often this would not occur until AFTER the individuals death experience and beyond.

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