The Magic of a Great Attitude

Dr. Purushothaman
November 22, 2013

It was called by the great Earl Nightingale the magic word. Never a truer statement has ever been said. The magic of a great attitude is there for all to see. Putting yourself into the zone, the right mindset or a positive state of mind is other ways of defining it, but at the end of the day your attitude will determine the course of your life. A great or bad attitude will determine to a certain extent how your life will pan out. Both can be changed and are habit forming. Being influenced at an early age by the people you look up to will precondition the attitude that is within you and what you put out to the world. To have the right influences that will teach the magic of a great attitude is always the best start, but if you have come to the realisation in your life that your attitude is not helping you achieve what you want, then it is never too late to make the change. To succeed and achieve true greatness in life takes a desire and drive that requires a one hundred per cent great attitude. To give your all and nothing less is something that very few give. The ones that do know the magic of a great attitude are the true achievers in life. What few realize is that the word "attitude" does in fact equal one hundred per cent. Let me explain.... If you take the alphabet and go through the letters of the word ATTITUDE and match them up to their corresponding numbers of the alphabet, for example A=1, D=4, J=10 and Z=26. So going through the word attitude; A=1 T=20 T=20 I=9 T=20 U=21 D=4 and E=5. Add them all together and you get a total of 100! One hundred per cent and how great is that. While the above paint by numbers scenario will seem irrelevant to some, it makes the magic of a great attitude come to life. The plain and simple truth is without a great attitude, you are doing yourself and others you touch a great disservice. With it, there is nothing you can't achieve. It is very hard to succeed in anything worthwhile if your attitude isn't right. Of all the great thinkers in our modern world, I can't think of anyone who achieved anything by having a bad attitude. So make the decision to use the magic of a great attitude and go forward to achieve all your hearts desire.

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