The Little Secrets On What Makes Guys Happy

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


Although there is an ongoing debate on the male and female traits that, in one way or another, have affected each other's existence, there is also the innate desire to please the other person. Women, more specifically, are always on the lookout to make their men glad. There might be guys out there who are delighted with techie gadgets while others are into sports. Different they may be, but here are surefire answers to common questions on what makes guys happy.
Thoughtfulness - Even though it is believed that men are generally not as sentimental as women, it does not mean that they are not sentimental at all. They greatly appreciate the small and random acts that show how much they are appreciated.
Understanding - The differences between men and women are quite numerous that they create a certain gap between the two groups. Such differences can be a cause of misunderstanding if not properly handled. Men who find partners who can understand them feel like they ended up with the luckiest things in the universe.
Dedication - Men are known to wander. This has been supported for many years by the argument that men are naturally made to be polygamous. They know this. However, they expect none of that from other people especially their partners. Loyalty is what they want.
Patience - This is probably a universal factor in better relations. In particular, men hate being nagged and told what to do. It might be due to all that machismo thinking, but it pays for women to be less restrictive on their men and let them do their thing. After all, it is always gives a nice feeling to have someone who does something out of their own will than out of your nagging.
All of these may not be particularly for men alone. For better relationships, the key lies on both partners' desire to make the relationship work even if it involves modifying their own attitudes. It is important though that the end product of the said modification is something better than the original.


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