The Law of Attraction: New Discovery

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

The Law of Attraction? That is what I asked myself years ago as I flipped through the pages of one of many published books on the subject. I read further and discovered the one simple answer. If one can believe in himself enough, he has the ability to make a reality of whatever it is that his desperate heart desires most. Now I am not a professor, nor am I a professional in the field of study in which this is taught. However, I am a person living in this 21 st century and going through the same challenges and struggles that everyone else goes through in daily life. A successful lawyer once told me as I sat across his desk telling him about all of my own financial struggles and his reply was simply "Mike, I got the same problem you have...just add more zeroes to your numbers." That is when I realized that everyone is indeed similar in their situations in life and anyone can achieve success, if they really get up and do it.

Now that is very easy for me to say, but it is very true. I personally believe much of what the law of attraction has to offer in that one's own truest and most sincere belief in himself can and eventually will lead them to great and wonderful things. This is why I am writing this article. I believe this is most certainly an extent. I currently work in Hollywood where it was nearly impossible to get into, not to mention nearly impossible to ahead in years ago. No one would let me "in" and I was left out in the cold. I was just desperately waiting for the next person who could possible give me a chance, only to be passed by again as I gave them my best appearance of confidence. It didn't work. You know why? I was not applying the law of attraction and belief in my self.

I am sincerely convinced that the ones at the top are truly students of this belief. Once you understand it, you too will achieve great things. I did read through The Secret and found it very helpful, as well as another famous book that changed my life called The 7 Habits of Highly Effective People. Both of these books share the same ideal of believing in you. Since I first 'fell off the turnip truck' so-to-speak in Los Angeles I had no chance. Later on, as things began to happen career-wise, I developed more self-confidence. I slowly realized that those who were in power and most successful in the industry do, indeed, know what this belief in oneself is. Those most successful individuals in every industry can see such self-manifested confidence with their own eyes.

The Law of Attraction and self-manifestation, when properly applied, I honestly believe is truly something that is always to be considered when applying the law of attraction in your own life. Believe in yourself no matter how great the odds appear to be because you will beat them. In addition, simply telling yourself things will happen over and over again while sitting in an empty room will not bring Santa Claus to your door on Christmas Eve, as many of us once believed as children. I really hope this helps those of you out there who are motivation and the law of attraction. Just believe in yourself and follow that belief without fear of failure, while considering the risks involved every step of the way. Proper planning on how you will deal with the inevitable obstacles coming your way will either make or break you.

So, be strong because if you really want it then you are going to get it, so long as it can realistically be obtained. If a person followed this belief, I believe they will indeed achieve many great and wonderful things throughout their entire journey of life.

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