The Law of Attraction - How are you using it?

Dr. Purushothaman
October 6, 2013

The Law of Attraction (LOA) has been touted as giving you the ability to manifest your dreams, but what's the truth behind it?

The premises at the base of the LOA are:
1. Everything is an energy form that vibrates at a certain frequency
2. Thoughts are a non physical form of energy
3. Each of us can be in charge of our thoughts and those thoughts create our reality
4. The thoughts we think (either consciously or unconsciously), have a certain vibration to it
5. The world is about balance and so in order for the energy to be in balance, the thought vibration needs to "attract a match", hence the LOA.

This is a universal principle and in science it's called Quantum Physics, you either agree with this or not.

So with this understanding you may say, "Ok, all I have to do is control my thoughts and I'll attract whatever I think of." That may be true, although most of us are not conscious enough to be in charge of our thoughts. What ends up happening is that you try to think in a more positive way for a few minutes and then the phone rings and you fall back into the old thought patterns which becomes you dominant mode of thinking again. Nothing then changes and you're back at square one.

The truth is that you do have the power to create something different for yourself without the mental struggle. It will require you to bring something though, your PRESENCE.

What does that mean? Well... firstly, understand that there's a mind where thoughts arise and that works through whatever circumstances you grew up with (unconsciously), then there is YOU, the observing presence, the one that's aware, Consciousness.

The fact that you can be aware of your thoughts means that there is a gap between this one that can observe and the thoughts. So if you practice on being aware of what you think, say and do, then this it gets easier to notice whether your thoughts and actions support what you want or not. The intention is to get a good look at how you, as an ego, operate.

Once you start this you'll see that there's virtually not a moment that something isn't happening during your waking hours. You're either doing something mundane and lost in thoughts (or lost in the TV's drama's) or, you're doing something that requires you to concentrate, in which case you bring a more presence. Start with when you're brushing your teeth and see where your mind goes!

So to implement the LOA you now have two choices:

1. The old way of visualising what you want everyday and hoping something will change, or;
2. Focus on being present so that where you are right now feels good and you trust that whatever shows up in the next moment will be fine also. Through the presence, you'll get to see the negative thoughts and then you can simply allow them to keep flowing through so that you "stick" to you. In this way, you align with what is and your vibrations will be much more benign.


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