The Inner Happiness

Dr. Purushothaman
January 18, 2014


"Happiness does not depend on the circumstances of our lives, but in us.
You do not see it like a rainbow, no one feels it like the heat of the fire.
Happiness is what we are. "(Marcus Aurelius)

Who among us does not want to be happy? When I will buy a new car, when I will move to a new apartment, when I'll change my company to a new company, when I have the 4th generation phone.
What else we think will make us more happy? Happiness is always with us, our problem is we do not always know to take a part, so much we choose to look at what it is not!
Happiness is not composed by objects or persons. Happiness is consists by small moments and many points in time, being determines our sense of happiness is not measured by weight, but the strength and vibration that moves us, it ability to fill us with the motivation, you exist here and now just for this moment.
If we have a lot to live for, it is even stronger indication that happiness consists of those magical moments: fulfillment of all that implies in my mind positive.

The difficulty of people who hang their happiness on material things or matters which constantly melts them, is losing what could end suddenly and is not something inherent in us as nature, takes us our happiness as soon as it ends.

The new car crash? no happiness!

We broke with our girl? no happiness!

The child failed the exam? no happiness!

We were unable to buy the apartment we wanted? we are not happy!

We tell ourselves when we will buy a new car we can rest , or when we were moving, but once we did that, start a new process of building new sources of happiness. And so on, those things are not part of us in our soul.
Make sense? Clear now that writing this subject we can see a new concept and it is more obvious.
Happiness can not be made up of things they are not ours and are not inherent in us.

Our daily selection of reference should focus on our energies, and hedonism with those moments right here and now, moments of love giving, creative contribution to help and understanding, acceptance, completion and reflection.

Happiness is a puzzle of all the positive moments that come to us only at the present time.

Happiness is not a thing of the past or a future expectations.

Enjoy what there is here what the universe have to offer, enjoy all the grade your child brought home from school, enjoy your house as it is.

It's okay to strive harder, it's okay to expect our spouse for a little extra, there's nothing wrong, we are building the buildup of many small moments and actions.

Happiness that being here and now.

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