The Importance of Spirituality

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


We live in a world which can best be described as a dystopia. The nation states of the world have devolved to an extent that social mobility in many regions of the planet is non-existent. The disparity between the "haves" and "have nots" grows globally at a steady and insidious pace.
Veils of ignorance are fostered and encouraged by governments seeking control of the masses by means of instilled complacency. Pseudo-democratic regimes offer a higher standard of living only to those willing to sacrifice a self informed world view.
Such a world is always just one small step away from complete anarchy. At any given moment circumstances may be set into motion which spiral humanity uncontrollably towards complete chaos. Recent events involving the after effects of hurricane Katrina in the United States best illustrate the nature of the human psyche at this point in time.
Life for many of us defies all meaning. We struggle numbly from day to insubstantial day. Stressful experiences are mounted upon more even stressful experiences. We look sometimes at the lives that we endure and wonder if there must be a better way. True happiness seems always to be something relegated to others more fortunate than us, constantly out of reach or beyond our power to realize.
Governments offer little more than further tension to what we often perceive as lives on the brink of complete disintegration. Religious leaders and institutions mostly serve to further the confusion and anxiety which we feel about our lives.
Hope, more and more often, seems to be a fruitless endeavor, a waste of what little emotional energy we have left at the end of the day. We retreat back into the cold, grey numbness of our minds and try as much as possible to forget any of the apparent myths we have heard of this thing called joy.
It is my belief that the human race is suffering from a spiritual death. In fact most of the people on this planet are spiritually dead. Without a sense of spiritual self, the human experience is reduced in meaning to nothing more than that of carbon based life form.
I share the view that the spiritual death of the population, if left unchecked, will result in catastrophe. Without a personal sense of spiritual worth there can be no spiritual responsibility. Lacking an individual system of spiritual responsibility leads mankind to a state of existence in which there is no accountability for negative actions, thoughts or energies.
This lack of spiritual self leaves a void in the existence of humanity, a void which soon becomes filled with the basal instincts of the human animal, instincts of violence and prejudice, territorialism and hatred.
This scenario leads inevitably to many of the events being played out in the headlines we read today. We see not just an increase in violent crimes, but an ever increasing level of brutality and disregard for human life. We see the trends toward war and domination. We begin to see a spiral of devastation looming on the horizon. No institution, religion or government has the power to reverse these trends towards cataclysm. If the collective mind seeks chaos then chaos will rule.
Only the acknowledgement of our individual spirituality has the power to alter the momentum of our existence. Acknowledgement of our spiritual worth leads to accepting responsibility for our roles as agents of change.
There is hope. The growing interest in all matters of spirituality reflects an instinctive need to bring equilibrium to a world overburdened with negativity.Whether this interest is in Buddhism, Meditation, Reiki, Christianity or any other form of spiritual awareness, it matters only that the individual finds a unique sense of spiritual self.
Only when the number of spiritually enlightened individuals has grown to a sufficient number will the current global trends towards hostility cease. Only when the individual takes steps to understand the importance of the spiritual self can spiritual death be reversed.
There is hope for you to find your spiritual identity. All you need to do is accept the need for it and it will be found. You will be drawn instinctively, as many others have been, to seek information and guidance. It is most important that you select only a spiritual path that fits you personally; you will know when you have found it. Do not be swayed by the beliefs of others. Develop your own beliefs. Above all, take personal responsibility for your spirituality and create positive change.
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