The Importance of Creativity in Learning

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


We have all heard the old adage that children are our future, and we all know that making a good investment in our future is important. Since kids are the future it is important to invest in them not only for their benefit, but to improve the future of our society. It can be easy for people to forget about the value of investing in our children's education. While it is important to consider post-secondary education it is important to go a back a few steps further, before high school, middle school, and even grade school, and look at the issue of preschool for kids.

It is stated the most crucial time for a child s development, which will shape how the child learns and interacts with the world for years to come, occurs before the age of six. The learning that a child does in these years will form neural pathways and synapses in the brain that will help them with future learning, and problem solving. Luckily kids six and under are primed at this age. They might be small, but they are very receptive to new information. Their brains are like a sponge soaking up the information they are receiving, and there are many ways kids can learn. Whether this means having an adult, or even an older child such as a sibling, mentor them, by playing and interacting with other kids, or by attending preschool for kids these all help young children to learn and grow.

Encouraging creativity in kids is important to their growth and development.

Education is often thought of as being concrete such as knowledge in mathematics and writing, but it is important not to dismiss creative tasks as well. Being creative is not only about being artistic. Creativity broad term that can be applied to a variety of fields such as writing, dance, or art. Creativity creative can also apply to “noncreative” fields like math and science. Problem solving requires a degree of creativity, and children who can find a problem and offer a solution for it tend to be quite creative. These types of skills do not just appear in older children, but in younger children as well. By attending preschool for kids children will get exposed to a variety of learning, including creativity, which can help them with their education and for the rest of their lives.

It is clear that creativity is important for kids, and encouraging creativity early is important. Parents should make sure to allow their kids to create and play. Simple child games like make-believe, using molding clay, even drawing with crayons are great ways to encourage creativity. Parents should watch for kids who ask questions, being curious about the world around them could be an indicator of creativity potential. Finally parents should know they don't have to educate their kids on their own. By attending a preschool for kids their children can get an educational start that will encourage creativity and concrete learning, and give them the skills they need for success.

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