The Importance of Achieving Spiritual Growth

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


People can have all the material possessions in the world and still find that they are desperately unhappy. These items can't give back to us as spiritual attunement can or a living person can. If you want to feel truly happy then you will want to achieve spiritual growth. Although material things are necessary to be comfortable and safe in our life they shouldn't be the true desire for living. Growing spiritually means overcoming your ideas that objects make us better people in the eyes of others and realizing that helping others and sharing time is more spiritually rewarding than anything else in life.
We all hope to live in a world that is bright and good, but unfortunately not everyone has the capacity to see all the good that is around us. Instead they dwell on the dark and ominous. It is up to each one of us to truly see the good that is surrounding us and work to change things for the better when needed.
Seeing Something Positive in Everything
It is very easy to not take responsibility for our actions and that of others. It is that very innate part of our being that wants to cast blame on everyone else when something terrible befalls us. The truth is that in some way we all have a hand in what happens in our lives. If we want to live happier more well balanced lives we need to see something positive in everything that comes our way. If a negative experience occurs, then look at the problem to see a solution or see what actions led to the incident. This can then be turned into a learning experience with a positive spin on it and this in turn can lead to spiritual growth.
Open Your Eyes to See the World in a New Way
Comprehension dawns when you achieve spiritual growth that you couldn't see beforehand. If you open your eyes to the world you can see it in a new way because you can find greater meaning in the small every day things. Spending time with your family in activities that benefit more than yourselves will give you a deeper sense of purpose. This can be the beginning of spiritual enlightenment so that you can truly appreciate the world you live in.
Share Spiritual Growth with Others
We are all stewards of the earth and we should be to each other as well. If you have spiritual growth you need to share it with others so that they can find the same peace and contentment that you have achieved. As we reconnect with others you will find that the spirituality that you possess will be passed onto those around you. Pretty soon they will see that the world is a wonderful place when we all pull together.
When we become mentors for each other the values that we each possess can be transferred so that everyone around us can become more spiritually satisfied. If this spiritual growth is passed on to others we will live with less negativity and see the beauty in life.
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