The Importance of a Corporate Wellness Program

Dr. Purushothaman
January 22, 2014


Corporate wellness program is now an important aid to businesses in improving employees' performance, motivation and well-being. Businessmen lose a large amount of money annually because of employees' below-par performance for reasons like low energy and motivation.
Most employees' reasons for absenteeism are sickness, stress and general unwellness. This is why employers need to implement a corporate wellness program to protect their employees from being sick and stressed.
A corporate wellness program is an organized plan made by the company to track and encourage overall wellness for its employees. There are two reasons why you should establish corporate wellness:
- To have a healthier, more energetic and productive workforce.
- Reduce healthcare expenses and improve employee morale.
Depending on the needs of the company, a corporate wellness program may have several levels, ranging from very basic services to a more inclusive and holistic approach. Basically, the program includes a goal to develop a more focused employee as they receive tremendous health improvements, on-site healthcare and diagnostic screenings, health risk assessment, weight control / management and fitness review programs, nutritional and meal plans and disease prevention program.
There should be clear and specific goals upon building a corporate wellness program. For example:
- Decrease the number of employees who smoke by the end of the next quarter.
- Reduce the use of sick leaves by at least two percent from the last quarter.
- Increase the number of production by 10 percent by the end of next year.
- The corporate wellness program should increase the number of satisfied employees by next year. A survey should be conducted before and after the wellness program being imposed.
A wellness program is a good corporate investment as it improves employees' health and fitness whilst reducing absenteeism. Employers get high returns from this investment through increased of productivity and high quality of work performed by well - motivated employees.
A corporate wellness program should:
- Include education on stress management and healthy living.
- Include Massages for stress relief.
- Not only concentrate on weight management but also to all aspects of well - being.
- Ensure the company is partnered with a Wellness Organization to be able to track the participation and the performance of the employees.
- Help the employees and employers embrace the whole program.
- Mean that the company, preferably, has an onsite gym or partner with a nearby fitness center so that it is convenient for all employees.
- Entice employees to participate by providing incentives.
- Include monthly assessments for health improvements.
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