The Grace of Acceptance

Dr. Purushothaman
August 23, 2013

People come in all shapes, sizes and colours. Different people from different cultures react differently. This is very true. Be warned, that we cannot just judge people and put them into sub categories just because they do something that we do not like. We need to accept others for who they are and not always expect them to be what we want them to be as this is not possible.

Well, I always say that accepting is not a matter. Sooner or later, we automatically accept people but the point is in the way we accept them.

There are two kinds of acceptance:

Accepting others as they are
Accepting others as how we want them to be

When we accept others as they are we stop judging them and become casual for what they are. However, when we accept others as how we want them to be we put up with things we detest and want to reject outright. Here, instead of accepting people, we actually tolerate them.

Each of us has walked a different path, each of us has had different experiences throughout life and these experiences make us who we are. There are a lot of combinations of genetic and environmental factors that finally shape who an individual is and those elements are not in the same permutation for everybody. We all have gone through different situations and circumstances in our lives and the experience we have got from it has made us what we are today. If I would have faced your situations and circumstances, I would be sitting at your place and thinking the way you think and the same applies for any other person. When you meet, see or live with someone, it is important to understand that they are different than what you are and are bound to think in a different manner. Instead of judging them, you need to accept them as they are. We are no one to judge what is right and what’s not. What you feel is right maybe wrong for someone else and vice-versa. Instead of judging right, wrong, good or bad, it is better we accept people as they are and move on in life with an open mentality and better relationships.

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