The Genius Of Creativity

Dr. Purushothaman
November 25, 2013


Creative solutions

Have you ever thought about becoming a creative genius? To do so, you simply have to come up with creative solutions to solve prevailing problems. The good news is that you don't have to come up with new ideas.

"...the production of ideas is just as definite a process as the production of Fords..." - James Webb Young

There are no real new ideas under the sun. New ideas are simply offshoots and combinations of existing ideas. To produce creative solutions we take old ideas and disassemble them then reassemble parts of many, varying ideas around a new context.

Creativity is the result of being able to think about existing ideas and problems from a completely different perspective. This understanding has been proved to be a success in the transfer of corporate CEO's from one company to another completely different company. They become an amazing resource as they come in with a fresh new approach.

Creativity is your key to a better life experience!

"It's never too late to be what you might have been." - John L. Mason

Your current thinking, knowledge base and choices have brought you to where you are in life. In order for progress to occur to a different level there must be an injection of new information and a shift of perspective. Good information, creatively rearranging present perspectives, will cause a transformation in thinking and a better life experience!

Why are people generally uncreative?

Mindsets, strongholds, stubbornness, dogma, etc. holds people captive to present thought processes. Perspective is diminished as information options are minimized; there is thus, a limited view towards creativity leading to a lack of progress and advancement.

"Don't lay down and die when you could be on the verge of victory." - Michael Bilanzich

Quitting is the result of being overcome by frustration and hopelessness. Victory is produced by accessing solutions, answers and options which smash present problems!

We become satisfied with the status quo.

"Years may wrinkle the skin, but to give up interest wrinkles the soul." - Douglas MacArthur

A lack of progress will drain passion for a better life. Interest wains when victory is impeded! The status quo becomes a less frustrating option.

People get satisfied with average living.

"...unless you dare to do more than you can possibly do, you'll never be more than you'll possibly be." - Tim Rogers

Millions of people have been battered with the experience of failure because of a lack of creativity. Average living has become their idea of successful living. A daring lifestyle easily becomes subordinate to an average existence.

Pushing past average living  will demand a thrust towards creative processes!

"Spectacular achievement is always preceded by unspectacular preparation." - Zig Ziglar

The process for stepping out of the ordinary into the extraordinary is initiated by an unspectacular devotion towards gaining new insight for living. Daily intake of positive information will breathe possibility back into our perspectives. Creativity is the natural byproduct of a positive perspective. To push past average living we must thrust towards creative processes.

Steps toward creative processes:

1. View your present situation as a problem

"He that climbs a ladder must begin at the first rung." - Scott Kenilworth

It may not be all that exciting to view your comfortable, mundane life as a problem but the very life you are protecting is holding you back from the best life! You must start by believing that average is your enemy.

2. Flood your life with existing ideas and information

"While you're daydreaming about winning the lottery, you might want to first check between the sofa cushions. Coinstar Inc. Estimates there is more than $10.5 billion in loose change sitting idle in American homes." - Linda Kaplan Thaler & Robin Koval

Many of us daydream of one day becoming a success but never apply simple strategies for daily moving towards this end. The greatest choice towards success is the small choice of looking for "good" books in your house that you have bought and never read. When finished these buy more and keep reading.

3. Mesh your problems with available information

"Creative people are "other" thinkers. They are always thinking about and looking for other ways of doing things because they know that options bring opportunities." - Dr. John C. Maxwell

Take existing ideas you have learned in good books, CD's, DVD's, etc and mentally dismantle them through focused thought. Take notes in point form and throw your points into different contexts, seeing how they land. Mental gymnastics is a great way to sift ideas through problems to find solutions.

4. Take a break, list any thoughts that surface

"To accomplish great things, we must not only act but also dream, not only plan but also believe." - Anatole France

The subconscious is a powerful tool that works especially when we are not focusing on conscious thought. All of your mental gymnastics has essentially performed one valuable task. It has applied fresh new food for your subconscious to churn over and over. This will eventually birth ideas.

As you are engaging in a hobby, relaxing on a beach, or waking from a dream, an idea may surface. Be ready to write ideas down at any hour of the day or night. Carry a note pad, cell phone, etc. to take down ideas.

5. Work and rework your primary solutions with your team

"The toughest problem will melt in the heat of sustained focus." - Sandra Felton

Take time with creative others to hash out ideas and arrive at solutions!

6. Hone your solution

"Empty your best into your present." Dr. Mike Murdock

The best ideas produce the best results. Honing a solution is the process of throwing it into the violent ring of attack from present thought. As it is strengthened it becomes more resistant to failure. Applying a solution to scenareos will refine, hone, and prove it's viability.

7. Plan, strategize, and pull the trigger

"Well defined and properly pursued goals direct your life." - Dexter Yager

As a strong solution is produced there is one last step to the process. Planning always produces better results. Take time to plan the inception of your solution into the real problem that you are facing. Strategize timing, resources, logistics, etc. Then implement the solution (pull the trigger)! Just do it!

As you can see, creativity is a process, not an event. To become a creative genius will take some effort but it is effort well invested!

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