The Fundamental Principles Of Success

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Dr. Purushothaman
December 11, 2013

Our universe functions in a certain, predictable way. Systems operate in defined cycles - in accordance with definite processes. All life conforms to cycles of birth, growth, maturity, decline and transition. It's the way things are. This is a reality we cannot escape.

Scientists, philosophers and theologians have labored for millennia to unlock the mysteries of how life works. What the wise and the insightful have revealed are elemental principles of how to survive, how to produce, and how to thrive. Successful people have shown that by applying a few fundamental principles anyone can in fact flourish. To succeed we just need to master these fundamentals.

While a thorough explanation of the principles of success can fill volumes the fundamentals can be defined in three simple statements:

1. Life intends to expand.

2. Thoughts become things.

3. Reward is proportionate to contribution.

From the most loving and courageous to the most violent and discontented among us, every human being obsesses about getting the same thing: more. Longing for more is a condition of living. All creatures, all of creation seeks to grow, to multiply, to become more. Life is an ever-expanding proposition. Your reason for being, your purpose in life is to grow, to contribute, to become. You are meant to add value. Resisting growth, failing to move forward, destroying instead of building are futile. Life demands growth. Choosing not to conform to life's intention means ultimately being swept aside. Life intends to expand.

Thought is energy, a powerful creative form of energy. Through mind comes power to influence creation - the circumstances and experiences of life. Through the power of thought, the things people think about begin to take shape. By focusing thought, experiences are cultivated and made manifest. Thought shapes how we interpret what is and what comes to be. Thought energy produces tangible things. Most people, unaware of this truth, mistakenly believe we operate in a world of chance, luck and disorder. The reality is, if one is willing to put forth effort and discipline thought he or she can form circumstances into nearly any object of desire. Thought works on automatic pilot. Unfortunately too many people avoid thinking deliberately and they experience less than optimum circumstances. Thoughts become things.

And finally, to prosper in life we need to recognize excellence requires effort. Compensation is proportionate to contribution. We receive only after giving. This is a dualistic reality. Forces are in motion counterbalancing one another. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction. Only by applying energy - by putting forth effort - do we bring forth results. Weak effort ushers forth feeble results. Strong effort produces grand results. We reap what we sew. To receive we must first give. To get much we must give much. That is just how life works. Reward is proportionate to contribution.

These fundamental principles of success work synergistically. The fastest route to an exceptional life is by consistently conforming to the way life works. Take on challenges to force yourself out of your comfort zone - stretch and grow. Constantly focus your thought energy on producing worthwhile circumstances and life-affirming experiences. And put forth effort that corresponds with your magnificent potential. No shortcuts exist. The means to succeed in life are simple but demanding. To live a full and fulfilling life embrace and master the fundamental principles of success.

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