The Distinction between Life coaching and Counseling?

Dr. Purushothaman
January 14, 2014


What Life Coaching is Not
In this article we'll discuss the differences between it and counseling and how the former is a great choice for people just like you that need that extra bit of support.
Here are some of Life Coaching Qualities, Beliefs and Philosophies
• I believe my role is to guide support, and encourage my client to reach their goals and live the life they hope to life.
• I believe they help functional people become more functional and successful.
• I believe they work with people that find themselves stuck in life and help them become unstuck.
• I believe it can help people discover new hopes in life.
• I believe as a life coach, our goal is to help people discover who they truly are and what they are capable of.
• I believe that it can help enable people to discover their core values, strengths, and character.
• I believe that they can help support people that have a set goal in their mind, but don't yet have the action steps or confidence to get to their destination.
• I believe that they can work with people in all of life's hurts and pains help find the solutions they are looking for.
• I believe that it is designed to encourage people to empower themselves to move forward against adversity and see optimism within adversity.
• I believe that, our goal is to help you get beyond any problems you have with yourself or others and see the potential in what is around you.
• I believe that we can help people see the perspective that they may not know they have on their life and the way they perceive themselves and others.
They are here to work with executives, businessmen, salesmen, management, and everyday individuals to help enable them to reach higher goals and have greater success both at the workplace and at home, and I believe that life coaches are there to offer a helping hand to those that need to experience more peace, serenity, happiness, and abundance in life.
Life Coaching is Not Therapy
Although life coaching and counseling may have similarities, such as asking the important questions, listening, and finding patterns in people's lives, they are not the same thing.
Counseling is designed to help those with serious issues lead a normal, productive life. Training is focused on those with clinical disorders like depression and schizophrenia and teach them how to behaviorally train people to become more like the rest of society.
Life Coaching is different. Life coaching is about helping regular people just like you reach new heights and get direction on the issues that they need most. In many ways counseling is about the past, but life coaching is about the future, and helping those that want to achieve greater things reach their ultimate vision.
Think of it like the archeologist and the architect. The archeologist digs up the past in order to piece together where we can from and who we are. The architect works with the current foundation and works to build an amazing building that reaches for the stars.
Life coaching is about turning you into a better you, and unlike therapy is a great choice for regular people that wish to achieve greatness.
Everyone Can Benefit From a Coach
Everyone can benefit from being coached at some point in their life. It may be when you are in emotional despair, or when you are stuck with your bad habits, or when you simply want to have advice and put yourself on a path to abundance. Reflect back on your life this week and make a list of all of ways in your life that a coach can benefit you.
"What do you feel would be different in that situation if you had a life coach walking beside you?"

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